Girls Night with TinyFists was really great. Chocolate martinis, wine, crab stuffed mushrooms, hot tubbing, and girl talk. We talked about her life and the dating situations we’re both involved in right now. Her aunt  kept asking me about Irish and getting small details that made her say “dump him” a lot, but I just laughed it off. She said it mostly because he hasn’t paid for my food and such all the time, though I disputed it a bit. He’s paid a few times, and so have I, but usually we go dutch. Our most recent trip to Wendy’s he paid, and then he makes pizza for the two of us, and yesterday we went to his parents again for a steak cookout, which he paid for, saying that the leftover cuts would be for us at a later time. It made me realize he intends for me to be there for dinner very soon. Yay steak!

While at his parents house, his mother asked if I was coming with them to Tennessee for their reunion. I told her I hadn’t been invited. She said, “well now you are, because I’m inviting you.” Then she asked IrishSis, who had just walked in, “Wouldn’t it be great if she came with us to Tennessee?” She thought it was cool, but apparently thought I was already coming. Irish brought up the problem that he didn’t know where I’d be sleeping, and his mom and IrishSis said that he’s an adult and we’d be staying in the same bed. I tried hard not to blush, but I’m sure I failed. So then I said to Irish that he should try to get off work that whole week so we can go to North Carolina with ArmyHusband and BoobsMcGee, then just drive over to Tennessee. He agreed that it’s best, but he doesn’t know if he can do that. So it’s fairly final that I’m going to Tennessee at least, which is unexpected but awesome.

After we got home I asked him if he actually wanted me to come with him and he said, “Yeah, I mean, if you want to.” Then I asked what the controversy was with the sleeping arrangements. He said it was because his grandmother is paying for the hotel rooms and he didn’t think she’d like him to bring his girlfriend. My breath caught. “So I’m your girlfriend now?” “Well yeah, I mean after all this and everything and it’s been awhile, so it just should be that by now I think.” I was still taken aback. I told him I had been trying to ask him about it recently, but failing at bringing it up. “I know. I’ve been ignoring it.” “Nice…so…you’re my boyfriend then…” “That’s usually how these things work” he laughed. “Ha, I know, I’m just trying to let my brain process it.” He went back to playing Batman and later when we were going to bed, I brought it up again. “So how long have you thought of me as your girlfriend?” “Well we got home from my parents about 4 hours ago…” “Really? Seriously just today? I mean, that’s fine, but I just was wondering…” “Stop being girly and go to sleep.” I had no response to that. I couldn’t even make words. Ever since then, I’ve been girly and squealing inside, and I don’t know when it’s gonna end, but I’m not complaining. Plus he kissed me goodbye again today.