So today I had planned to hit Iron Man 2 with Irish at 11:15 and then hop over to How to Train your Dragon, but we decided against it. We woke up latish, after me tossing and turning and not wanting to wake him up, but also not wanting to leave the bed, with the silly and irrational hope of getting morning sex. I grabbed my book “Wyrd Sisters” for awhile and then he finally woke up. We made sandwiches then headed to Lowes for yardwork supplies, which I kept saying were for him, cuz I wasn’t gonna help. I kept making excuses that I’d be useless and I have homework to work on, but that didn’t change things, He just kept saying “No, you’re helping with the yardwork” Then he bought gardening gloves for me and I knew he wasn’t kidding.

We got back and I changed into the green tanktop I’d brought for “partying” that wasn’t going to get used for such, so I figured, why not? I pulled all the weeds from his front path and rock bed. There was some sort of huge-ass devil plant that was embedded in the side of the house that I had to get out. It had huge spiders all over it and then at the end of it all, I found this huge caterpillar. It was black with red stripes(yes Irish, like the beer) and huge and furry. It didn’t really look like a caterpillar at all really. And then i poked at it and it shot some sort of odd green goo at me. I had to show it to Irish, but I really wanted to just kill it. It wasn’t really moving, but when we came back out after showering, it was gone. I have no idea where it scurried off to.

We went to his parents house to return the borrowed weedwacker and I said hello to them all. I told his dad about Dr. Voodoo being on the app store and that we’ve sold 15 copies already. It was very cool. I told IrishSis about Irish making me do yardwork with him and she basically said, “you could’ve said No” but I explained that even after telling him I should work on homework and my project and that I’d be little use out there, he still was adamant.

We saw his mom on the way out the door and she was talking about the blanket she’s making for Nephew and then I told her about the blanket I’ve been making that’s Ravens colors, but now has to be just a purple black and gold blanket, since it’s not a very Ravens friendly environment around Irish’s place.

In the car, we then had a convo about BoobsMcGee and how it makes me crazy and jealous when I think about them and when I saw the way he looked at her and how that makes me feel like complete shit. he seemed to take it as a problem, and said that i have to get over it cuz she’s a good friend and is gonna be around a lot. It was awkward. I made the point that i was just being honest and he said “you’re an idiot, I’m just being honest” “I really wanna hit you so hard right now, I’m just being honest” we laughed, but Idk what he’s thinking about the whole thing anymore.

We went out to Houlihans for dinner at around 345 and he got a black and tan and then after a few minutes of menu searching I ordered a Sex in the City Blonde Ambition. I think it was a mix of Vodka, honey, lemon, and lime. We both got burgers with green beans on the side.

When the bill finally came, there was a moment of “Are you covering yours?” and I said “I’m your girlfriend now, that means I shouldn’t have to pay anymore” he said smirking “no, it means that I don’t have to try anymore cuz now I got you” I said “well, I don’t have a job” he seemed to have forgotten that and then we got in an interestingly tense convo about that briefly. He ended up paying for it, which was cool.

We went over to Columbia mall to see Iron Man 2 but it was sold out so we took some sort of long-ass route to Arundel Mills to see it at Muvico. He paid for my ticket, begrudgingly, but he did it. I then offered to buy snacks, as a sort of peace offering and to show that he doesn’t need to pay for everything, but that it’s just very appreciated when he does it sometimes, especially when it’s meals and dates.

The movie itself was very awesome. We sat in the front row, like for Avatar and then about 2/3rds of the way through it or so, I finally got snuggled up to him. The seat next to me was empty, so it made it a lot easier. He actually put his arm around me and after awhile he even put his hand on mine. When it was almost the end of the movie though, I had to shift because my back was just hurting like mad. I took his hand and he didn’t return it, but didn’t shrink back from it either.

After leaving the theatre, I realized how bad my sunburn really was. We decided to swing by my place and grab some stuff for my sunburn, a coat, and tennis shoes. It was on the drive over there that I realized I really want to go running tomorrow, but then I forgot to grab my inhaler and I realized I have to work tomorrow. So I guess I won’t be running.

We went back to Irish’s place and then AngryGinger showed up while Irish was putting sunburn stuff on me. The three of us hung out for awhile, them playing Resident Evil 5 some more and me watching for awhile until I realized I should finish the key building model. So I did that, then brought my computer out to the living room to type this. After many hours of them playing, we finally loaded up Guitar Hero and went for a Rockfest achievement. This meant that I couldn’t sing because it had to be 4 of the same instrument. I got bored with it fairly quickly and the 4 or 5 drinks I’d had apparently weren’t affecting me at all.

Eventually, I stopped playing and then AngryGinger left when the playlist set was over. Irish announced that he was drunk and was going to bed. I followed, griping that I wasn’t drunk and that it made no sense. After a bit of coercion while he was reading, he finally returned my advances and started kissing me.

—— omitted ——

In the afterglow, we curled up together once again, me ignoring the pain of the sunburn in order to just be close to him.