He’s making burgers and just came in to tell me. I put an arm around him and was rubbing his side gently, then grabbed the loop on the side of his jeans and tugged him gently toward me. The angle that he was standing, I couldn’t get up high enough to kiss him, but then he leaned down a bit, so I hugged him, then pulled away, feeling a bit silly for hugging him randomly. Then I just tilted up to kiss him though, at which point he actually returned the kiss, opening his mouth a bit to slide his tongue between my lips (hehehe) and started kissing me in a much better way than what I had been expecting. I had a moment of “wow” and of breathlessness, where I had to realize that this was not the time nor the place to start getting randy.

With my head still spinning though, I asked smirking, “So how long do burgers take?” “about 5 minutes a side” “damn, alright” I had actually considered taking him right then. I’ve had a lot of those moments recently. I keep wanting to jump him randomly, and he keeps giving me reason to. I mean hell, I wanted to jump the table at Houlihans and rawr him right there. Gah. He is so delicious. And the burgers are ready. Woot!