So the burgers were good except for the being rare part. I just can’t eat meat that way. My stomach has been doing sick lurches ever since. That and I had to chug half a Killians before driving to Gunnie’s because Irish wanted to leave for his parents’ place to say a Happy Mother’s day to them. I was a bit bitter about leaving because of our conversation right before that and I think he was too.

A commercial came on that asked “Do you have 5, 10, 15 or even 25000 dollars of credit card debt?” At which point, he said, “yeah about that much.” This confused the hell outta me. I knew that he’d had some trouble with credit before and that he had to deal with it for awhile, but I thought it was merely affecting his current score, not that it was currently a problem. I prodded and shouldn’t have. He snapped at me when I finally got it out of him. I regretted it immediately. I had forgotten about it. I tried to apologize, but the tension in the living room could’ve been cut with a knife it was so thick. But then a few minutes later, he asked “Shouldn’t you be going soon?” “Yeah, I’m going. I gotta finish my beer and then go drive. I’m a winner!” and then a few minutes later, he turned to me and just gave me this look that burned into me, searing me to my core. “Well?” “What?” “You should go” “I know, I am” “Well I wanna leave” “Jesus! Fine!” and chugged the remaining half of my killians, got up and threw the bottle away and stormed off to collect my stuff to leave.

When I finally get my stuff together, I started out the door and he followed. “Seeya later, good luck, have fun.” Snidely and full of bitterness, I said “yeah, whatever.” After getting into my car, I almost cried right there. I teared up a bit after he pulled away, then I sped out of the driveway and was right behind him until he pulled off to go to his parents’ house.

I got to Gunnie’s and was bitter, hurt, and already exhausted. He caught on quickly and responded with “Oh, no…” “Yeah…” Foodie was there playing video games and I said hello briefly. I sat down in the dining room trying to get started, but then said “So that reading you did for me the other day? It was way too accurate.” “That’s… not what I wanted to hear. I’m so sorry. Well, at least it’s supposed to end well.” “yeah but the journey through hell is the problem.”

I started telling them(Gunnie, his mother, and Foodie) about everything that had happened in the recent few days, including the conversation about BoobsMcGee, the general tenseness, and the fight about the credit thing.