The re-con to Jay’s yesterday was alright. I got all my stuff back from his place finally. The only things left are my saved games on his xbox, but I doubt I’ll be getting those ever. With the addition of laundry and a few things from my apartment to take home, my car was literally full to bursting. It was nuts. I went to get lunch to take to Mom and I had to put it on the driver’s side floor then hold it with my left leg. Good thing I don’t drive a manual.

Overall, there were a few tears and then we hugged at the end of it all. I almost lost it there, but held it together. He, however was crying right after the hug. Then I left and had to get gas and he was going to Josh’s, but then he pulled in behind me in Exxon. That was more than a little awkward. I didn’t even know what to say. He asked if everything was okay, and I replied “Why would I be okay?” It kinda shut him up for a second and then I stopped the gas pump at less than 3 gallons just to get out of there and hit a cheaper spot. he thought I was trying to run away from him and I snapped “NO, I just can’t afford it. I have NO MONEY!” He shut up again and then said goodbye again as I was getting into my car. Then he said “Don’t run me over now” to which I rolled my window down and said smirking, “Don’t tempt me.” He thought I was joking. Pah.

Parent visit was weird though. Talking about Jay and such. Then my mom asked about my life recently and to catch her up on things. So I tried to tell her about Irish and that he’s coming to my graduation dinner and that he’s my boyfriend. She just kept saying, “No, he’s your friend. He’s just a really good friend.” I don’t know what her problem is. Finally I said to her that I’ve known him for months, I’ve been seeing him for months, and that I’ve basically been dating him for months, there was just some overlap with Jay, but that Irish stuck with it and didn’t just run away or give up on me. So now, since I became single again, we’ve been dating a lot more and now he’s my boyfriend. “Who’s idea was that?” she said incredulously. “His. And I’m not gonna fight it.” She just kinda scoffed at me and blew me off.

Later my dad got home and we talked more. When dad asked who Irish was, she said “He’s a good friend.” She was so adamant about it.

I’m wondering what her reaction will be when she finds out we’re going to Tennessee together in a few weeks. Heh. That’s gonna be just peachy.