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So this is my first post to a blog using my iPhone. It’d be much easier with an iPad, but this is better than nothing and at least the autocorrect is intelligent. Until my laptop is working better, I’ll probably be posting via phone. If nothing else, it’s something to do when I’m stranded or bored without anyone being able to read it over my shoulder too easily.

In other thoughts, this is a bit difficult with my thumb partially numb. Ever since last night when I was playing guitar hero, my thumb has felt weird and kinda numbish. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it just feels weird. Anyway, MetalChef is coming over in awhile to lend me True Blood and Leverage so Irish and I can get caught up with our shows. Then tonight is the going away party for AngryGinger’s dad, which hopefully will go well. If nothing else, it’s free food and drink which is always cool.


“Adventures in Food” has been moved to and is now listed as “Food Experiences.”  This is now my personal blog.

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