There weren’t enough people available to play poker tonight so the game was cancelled. Irish made burgers on the grill outside and broccoli and tater tots. We also watched an episode of Burn Notice while we ate, which I had never seen before. Irish explained it as Leverage but serious. It was definitely interesting.

So now he’s playing Dragon Age some more and I’m reading my new book The Magicians. It’s pretty good so far and worth the $6 I paid for it (usually $16). But I’m waffling about going to the gym tonight still. He said he might come along, but I’m doubtful. At this point it’s solely to take a soak in the hot tub, lounge in the pool, then hit the sauna. I figure I need to wait a bit for my food to settle too. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wander into the office in 20 minutes and inquire as to his interest in the gym. Then if it’s a no, I’ll go by myself for an hour just because. Until then, reading of my book resumes.