So I went to the gym on Tuesday and did core and legs. Apparently I overdid it though because my calves started hurting on Wednesday afternoon after an impromptu nap. They’ve gotten worse since then, almost to the point of me being unable to walk. I’ve been limping around all day and just took some Aleve. I’m hoping that helps soon because I planned to hit the grocery store today and also pick up the gift for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. And I’m hitting the gym again tonight while Irish has his poker night. Guh. I’ll probably end up floating around the hot tub and the pool for awhile. Hoping that will help my legs.

Other than that though, last night we played Dokopon Kingdom. We did couples teams: me and Irish against AngryGinger and TinyFists. The game is definitely annoying at times but fun too I guess. We were losing and sucking pretty bad for awhile and were kinda pouting, but not unjustly. But AG and TF started making fun of us and complaining. Ugh. Oh well.

Anyway, I should get going to the shopping thing. I only have 2 hours before Irish gets home.