We went to Rennfest today and I walked my feet off. I couldn’t find my newer hooker boots so I had to wear my old ones, which I replaced because they were painful to wear. So yeah, about 2 hours into the day I was in pain. The next 5 hours were just salt in the wound. Don’t get me wrong, the faire was fun but I just wish I hadn’t been dragging everyone down with my slowness of walking.

I feel bad about it, but it’s not like any of them cared about my pain nor were any sort of sympathetic. I would hope that my boyfriend would see that I was in pain and needed a little sympathy and caring. But no. Nothing. He just joined in on the insults and the being annoyed at me. The only person who gave a shit about me all day was Grapple, and he was a last minute random addition to our group who also ended up driving us to the faire. Since he actually cared, he hung back with me when I couldn’t catch up to the pack. He also helped me hobble around by being my crutch and catching me every time I was off balance. It was very sweet of him.

I just wish that Irish was that attentive. I mean, I really should be used to being ignored by now. He always does it. And so do Tinyfists and AngryGinger. Why do I have friends like this? My 2 best friends and my boyfriend, who I broke up a 2 year relationship to be with, don’t give a shit about me. What the fuck is wrong with me? I apparently have crap taste in friends. And I didn’t realize it until recently.

My friends that I go with to karaoke and everyone else from my hometown area are always so nice. I mean, we joke and poke fun, but it’s in good fun. And well natured. The people that I meet and make new friends with are the same way. So how is it that I ended up with 3 of the closest people to me being complete jackholes to me all the time? Guh.

But now I’m sore, my feet are useless and I feel like shit in general. I’m exhausted and no one cares. Oh and I have one picture of me from today, it was taken by Tinyfists and it’s still on her camera. She didn’t want to take more. So much for preserving memories and shit like that. Oh well. What else is new?

/rant in Eeyore style

Blar. With a big ol’ capital B.