I’m bored at work and catching up on some Pervocracy posts. I’ve finally hit 2009! I came across this post where Holly bought a Tac 9 and just felt like sharing it, since I’ve been looking at getting a gun sometime this year or so.

My own fascination for guns has always gravitated toward Sig Sauers in general and after seeing this other post of Holly’s, my love was cemented. I looked for this very gun and found it new or gently used for around $300-$350. Not bad for a gun. Granted, it’s a .22 so the hit will be like a mosquito bite (hence the name I guess), but it’s also a lot cheaper to fire at the range.

Irish has a Colt 1911 .45  that has a lot more stopping power (the bullet is twice the size of the .22), and if ever a home invasion occurs, would be the one I’d go for, but I kinda want my own, less testosterone-filled gun to just…have. I feel like I’d be able to feel better about things in general with my own protection by my side. I’ll need to get some sort of permit for it, but working in the heart of Baltimore might be a decent reason. Who knows?

This all started years ago, but didn’t really come to fruition until he showed me his gun (giggidy) and let me hold it, cock it, and pull the trigger on an empty chamber. I had this huge rush of just….wow. I’m not even sure why, but I felt empowered. I felt self-sufficient. I felt safe. Ever since then, I’ve had occasional dreams/nightmares where someone breaks into the house and I grab the gun, come clomping down the hall, cock the gun loudly, hold it pointed straight at the guy’s chest, and yell “Get outta my house!” Sometimes with “Dirtbag!” or something tacked on the end there.

I know I’d never be able to actually do that, but it’s interesting to know my subconscious is more daring than I.

I’ve seen the pink Sig Sauer Mosquito online, but can’t find it in stores, and honestly don’t think it’d be nearly as scary against an invader as the all-black version. But I own nothing pink, really. I think it’d be fitting that the one pink thing I’d have would be a gun. I’m still debating which one I want, but I’ve got all the time in the world.