We went shooting for the first time last night and I forgot to take a picture of the aftermath before we put a new target over it, but here’s the result of the first 80 shots or so. I took the top target off this morning, so that’s why it’s kinda hard to tell where I shot. But it’s also fairly obliterated from so many bullets.

I started with a Sig P238 and its accuracy was totally crap. Yes, it was a rental gun, but still… The second gun I used was a Sig P229 Elite and was a bit better and had better sights on it. I loaded up my last clip of the night and put on the fresh target. Here’s the result:

The first round I fired hit within the center ring. I whooped and got very excited, then proceeded to not do as well for the rest of the clip, but oh well. Little victories are good for me. Irish even said I did really well.

Overall I felt that I did pretty well and I do want to go again. The personal impact was greater than I expected though, and I felt almost terrified for a while after. I’m not sure what that was about. I know I didn’t hurt anybody, but I think the idea that I could have and that it’d be so easy to do such damage to another person… it was kinda scary.

But I’m glad I did it and am looking forward to going again. Next time I’ll get something easier to fire, like the 380 Auto or even the 22. Gotta have variety, ya know.

I do find it amusing that we came home from the range and then played COD: MW2 the rest of the night, though.